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Spartan is a library for distributed array programming. Programmers build up array expressions (using Numpy-like operations). These expressions are then compiled and optimized and run on a distributed array backend across multiple machines.

Check out the tutorial on the wiki.


Spartan: A Distributed Array Framework with Smart Tiling, USENIX ATC'15


From PyPI (not necessarily up-to-date)

pip install [--user] spartan

From source

# For numpy and scipy, we suggest you use binary install to
# get better performance.
apt-get install python-numpy python-scipy libzmq3-dev
pip install --user dsltools
pip install --user pyzmq
pip install --user cython
pip install --user parakeet
pip install --user scikit-learn
pip install --user traits
git clone https://github.com/spartan-array/spartan.git
cd spartan
python setup.py develop --user


Operations in Spartan look superficially like numpy array operations, but actually are composed into a deferred expression tree. For example:

>> In [3]: x = spartan.ones((10, 10))
>> In [4]: x

MapExpr {
  local_dag = None,
  fn_kw = DictExpr {
    vals = {}
  children = ListExpr {
    vals = [
    [0] = NdArrayExpr {
      combine_fn = None,
      dtype = <type 'float'>,
      _shape = (10, 10),
      tile_hint = None,
      reduce_fn = None
  map_fn = <function <lambda> at 0x3dbae60>

Expressions are combined together lazily until they are forced -- this is caused by a call to the force method.


Tests can be run using nosetests pip install --user nose.

pip install --user nose
nosetests tests/

There are a few benchmarks for performance testing, see