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Welcome to khmer, k-mer counting, filtering and graph traversal FTW!

The official repository is at

and you can read the docs online here:

There are two mailing lists dedicated to khmer, an announcements-only list and
a discussion list. To search their archives and sign-up for them, please visit
the following URLs:
    * Discussion:

    * Announcements:


khmer is *pre-publication* and *research* software, so please keep in
mind that (a) the code may have undiscovered bugs in it, (b) you
should cite us, and (c) you should get in touch if you need to cite
us, as we are writing up the project.


'make all' to build.

You'll need 'screed' installed:

'make test' to test (you may need to set your PYTHONPATH to find screed).

'make doc' to build docs.  You'll need Sphinx installed.

khmer is under the BSD license; see doc/LICENSE.txt.  Distribution,
modification and redistribution, incorporation into other software,
and pretty much everything else is allowed.

CTB 05/2012.
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