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Profiling web applications and generated positive security modsecurity rules automatically

The script may generate an application profile either from modsecurity audit log or by connecting to owasp zed attack proxy and retrieving the messages exchanges with a given web site.

The script will generate both an xml application profile and a set of modsecurity rules to validate every argument, header, cookie and session cookie present in the profile, the profile will be then used to generate using xslt transformation.


python 2.7 zap 2.5 modsecurity 2.5 and above for running the rules, tested in modsecurity 2.9 python libraries: pip install python-owasp-zap-v2.4 pip install http-parser pip install tabulate

USAGE: ./ ...SNIP... 20 www.somesite

Coose a site : 20 Setting site filter to: www.somesite HOST : www.somesite Records : 139 SCHEME METHOD URI

https GET / https GET /courses/special


  0  []      {}                                      {}
  0  []      {}                                      {}




{'CONNECTION': "('7alphabetic_punctuation', '10')", 'ACCEPT-LANGUAGE': "('7alphabetic_punctuation', '5')", 'COOKIE': "('hailmary', '261')", 'HOST': "('7alphabetic_punctuation', '12')", 'ACCEPT': "('hailmary', '37')", 'USER-AGENT': "('hailmary', '68')"} {'CONNECTION': "('7alphabetic_punctuation', '10')", 'ACCEPT-LANGUAGE': "('7alphabetic_punctuation', '5')", 'REFERER': "('hailmary', '55')", 'HOST': "('7alphabetic_punctuation', '12')", 'COOKIE': "('hailmary', '744')", 'ACCEPT': "('hailmary', '37')", 'USER-AGENT': "('hailmary', '68')"}


{'COOKIE': ['command'], 'ACCEPT': ['path'], 'USER-AGENT': ['path', 'command', 'group']} {'COOKIE': ['command'], 'REFERER': ['path'], 'ACCEPT': ['path'], 'USER-AGENT': ['path', 'command', 'group']}


  4  ['__utma', '__utmz', '__utmc', 'sans']                        {'__utma': "('6numeric_punctuation', '54')",
                                                                    '__utmz': "('hailmary', '134')",
                                                                    '__utmc': "('0numeric', '9')",
                                                                    'sans': "('2hex', '32')"}
  5  ['QSI_HistorySession', '__utma', '__utmz', '__utmc', 'sans']  {'__utma': "('6numeric_punctuation', '54')",
                                                                    'QSI_HistorySession': "('hailmary', '462')",
                                                                    '__utmc': "('0numeric', '9')",
                                                                    '__utmz': "('hailmary', '134')",
                                                                    'sans': "('2hex', '32')"}


{'__utmz': ['command']} {'QSI_HistorySession': [], '__utmz': ['command']} ...SNIP...

The simplerules script may be used independently from the webappprofiler, modify the xml profile to modify/add/remove

locations, arguments, headers, cookies, scores, ids. ./ Writing modsecurity rules file... (modsec.rules) Generated 2739 rules

The SimpleTransformation xslt contains the rule template used to generate the rules populating the data in the xml file


Generating the profile from a raw audit log is slower than a direct zap connection, some times zap can give issues if spider features or attacks are performed over the same instance, it is better to use a separate instance for spidering.

Sample XML profile extract:

profileeditor script purpose is to modify the xml profile easily to modify/add/remove in bulk elements from the

profile instead of going manually over the file manually.

./ Enter action [help] : help Usage: input [file] - Change/Display input file set [location|method] [target] - Display/Set current working Location/Method print [pretty] - Print (Pretty) input file location [add|remove] [target] - Location List/Add/Remove method [add|remove] [target] - Location List/Add/Remove cookie [add|remove] [target] - Display/add/remove cookies header [add|remove] [target] - Display/add/remove headers parameter [add|remove] [target] - Display/add/remove arguments sessioncookie [add|remove] [target] - Display/add/remove sessioncookies history [#] - Display command history exit - Exit

#Mantaining the profiles: Use profileeditor to add missing locations, methods, arguments, cookies, or headers, to fit the application then run simplerules script to generate the modified rule set.

Extract from the audit log the missing locations: $ egrep -o "Invalid URL requested! (%{METHOD}) - (%{FILENAME}) with ARGS:(%{ARGUMENTS})

Extract arguments not listed in the profile: $ egrep -o "[id.+Found new parameter '/.+/' in [^"]+" modsec_audit.log | sed -rn "s,[id (.+)].+Found.+'/(.+)/' in (.+),\1 \2 \3,p" |sort |uniq -c |sort -nr

Extract the values of the arguments: $ egrep -o "%{ARGUMENT}=.+" modsec_audit.log |sort |uniq


  • Response profiling
  • Pattern identification over multiple transactions rather than individual transaction matching
  • Support actions and highly customizable rules
  • Add features into the profile editor modify/add/remove elements and attributes to customize ModSecurity rules
  • Improve SimpleTransformation xslt to do better and more configurable rules