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Library of Monitoring Objects
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The Library of Monitoring Objects


A set of objects, mapping real-world devices or systems, like weather stations, air quality sensors, computer and network systems, operating systems, entreprise services, including all necessarily metrics and summary statistics required for analysing their performance, availability and reliability. The objects are grouped by specific industries, like ICT, environmental monitoring, meteorology, business intelligence, industrial IoT.

In general, people collect a lot of data, thousands of parameters without a very good understanding what to do with all this data, how to use it on the longer run, what to analyse and visualise and how to store it. The library of monitoring objects is essential and central for any data analytics process, from data recording to analysis and visualisation, offering a complete set of objects ready to be used within any data analytics product. The library is designed for software engineers, devops, scientists, analysts, meteorologists and companies involved in data analysis, performance analysis, and analytics.


The library maps and describes data from different industries, currently handling ICT, meteorology and environmental monitoring. We are working heavily to add different objects from industrial IOT.

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Finance
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Information Communications & Technology (ICT)
  • Weather and Meteorology
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT)
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