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A collection of tools for working with SPASE resource descriptions.
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SPASE resource-tools

A collection of command line tools for working with SPASE resource descriptions.


npm install spase-resource-tools -g


spase-collate : Separate each SPASE resource description in a file into a separate file stored in a folder tree according to the Resource ID.

spase-refcheck : Check resource identifiers and URLs for referential integrity.

spase-validate : Validate a SPASE resource description using a specified version of the data dictionary (XML schema).

spase-tree : List the file tree. Optionally list only files with a given extension.

spase-update-authority : Change the control authority in the ResourceID, add a PriorID and update ReleaseDate.

spase-doi-ref : Extract reference information in CSV format from a SPASE resource description.

spase-doi-request : Extract information from a SPASE resource description and generate a DataCite formated DOI request that can be submitted through EZID web service API.

spase-list-elem : List an element value in an XML document.

spase-restamp : Update the to the current data and time.

spase-pretty : Make a pretty XML file by formating the XML file with indentation and wrapping.

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