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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
require File.expand_path('../lib/arel/version.rb', __FILE__) do |s| = "arel"
s.version = Arel::VERSION
s.authors = ["Bryan Helmkamp", "Nick Kallen", "Emilio Tagua"] = %q{2010-06-08} = ""
s.homepage = ""
s.summary = "Arel is a relational algebra engine for Ruby"
s.description = <<-EOS.strip
Arel is a Relational Algebra for Ruby. It 1) simplifies the generation complex
of SQL queries and it 2) adapts to various RDBMS systems. It is intended to be
a framework framework; that is, you can build your own ORM with it, focusing on
innovative object and collection modeling as opposed to database compatibility
and query generation.
s.rubyforge_project = "arel"
s.files = Dir['lib/**/*']
s.test_files = Dir['spec/**/*.rb'] - Dir['spec/support/fixtures/**/*.rb']
s.has_rdoc = true
s.extra_rdoc_files = %w[History.txt README.markdown]
# Arel required ActiveRecord, but we're not declaring it to avoid a
# circular dependency chain. The solution is for ActiveRecord to release
# the connection adapters which Arel uses in a separate gem
# s.add_dependency "activerecord", ">= 3.0.pre"
s.add_dependency "activesupport", ">= 3.0.0.beta"