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what3words codes for OSM buildings

What is what3words all about?

what3Words is an innovative, plain simple and multilingual addressing scheme:

w3w is a giant grid of the world made up of 57 trillion squares of 3 metres x 3 metres. Each square has been given a 3 word address comprised of 3 words from the dictionary. An example of a w3w address is


Addresses for OSM buildings

The OpenStreetMap database currently contains over 157.000.000 buildings. With this web application its easy to find out what3words addresses for OSM buildings.

How to use it

Just click on a buildings in the map. A red dot will appear. Click on the dot and the what3words address will pop-up with a link.

Ideas for future development

  • advanced geocoding functionality
  • what3words geocoding support
  • support for all what3words-languages
  • API-error handling & notifications
  • fine-tune the overpass-API calls (feature types, bbox)
  • improve design
  • ...