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OSM CLI for manipulating OSM planet files
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go-osm is a tool for manipulating OSM planet files. go-osm supports the Dynamic Filter Language (DFL).


cd scripts

To build for windows run:

GOOS=windows GOARCH=amd64 go build


Usage: osm -input_uri INPUT -output_uri OUTPUT [-verbose] [-dry_run] [-version] [-help]
Supported Schemes: file, http, https, s3
Supported File Extensions: .osm, .osm.gz
  -aws_access_key_id string
    	Defaults to value of environment variable AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID
  -aws_default_region string
    	Defaults to value of environment variable AWS_DEFAULT_REGION.
  -aws_secret_access_key string
    	Defaults to value of environment variable AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.
  -dfl string
    	DFL filter
    	Drop author.  Synonymous to drop_uid and drop_user
    	Drop changeset attribute from output
    	Drop relations from output
    	Drop timestamp attribute from output
    	Drop uid attribute from output
    	Drop user attribute from output
    	Drop version attribute from output
    	Test user input but do not execute.
    	Print help
  -include_keys string
    	Comma-separated list of tag keys to keep
  -input_uri string
    	Input uri.  "stdin" or uri to input file.
  -output_uri string
    	Output uri. "stdout", "stderr", or uri to output file.
    	Overwrite output file.
    	Pretty output.  Adds indents.
    	Print data summary to stdout (bounding box, number of nodes, number of ways, and number of relations)
  -summarize_keys string
    	Comma-separated list of keys to summarize
    	Provide verbose output
    	Prints version to stdout
    	Convert ways into nodes for output


Filter Washington, DC .osm.pbf planet file to only features that include a certain tag.

osmconvert district-of-columbia-latest.osm.pbf | osm \
-input_uri stdin \
-output_uri district-of-columbia-latest-filtered-nodes-cleaned.osm \
-include_keys amenity,aeroway,craft,leisure,shop,station,tourism \
-ways_to_nodes \
-drop_version \
-drop_timestamp \
-drop_changeset \
-drop_relations \

Summarize OSM planet file in S3 folder

AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-east-1 osm -input_uri s3://<YOUR BUCKET>/data/district-of-columbia-latest.osm.gz -summarize
Bounding Box: -77.120100,38.791340,-76.909060,38.996030
Number of Nodes: 1701544
Number of Ways: 206181
Number of Relations: 3198

Breweries in Washington, DC

AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-east-1 ./osm -input_uri s3://<YOUR BUCKET>/data/district-of-columbia-latest.osm.gz -summarize -ways_to_nodes -dfl '@craft like brewery' -drop_relations -output_uri breweries.osm
Total Number of Nodes: 5
Total Number of Ways: 0
Total Number of Relations: 0

Breweries & Distilleries in Washington, DC as GeoJson

./osm -input_uri district-of-columbia-latest.osm.bz2 -summarize -pretty -verbose -drop_relations -drop_timestamp -drop_changeset -drop_version -ways_to_nodes -include_keys craft -dfl_use_cache -dfl '(@craft like brewery) or (@craft like distillery)'  -output_uri breweries_and_distilleries.geojson -drop_tags 'dcgis:gis_id' -stream -overwrite -ways_to_nodes


Spatial Current, Inc. is currently accepting pull requests for this repository. We'd love to have your contributions! Please see for how to get started.


This work is distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE file.

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