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Configure an instance of Coconut
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Creates an instance of Coconut hosted on S3 and served from CloudFront.

Creates the following resources:

  • ACM Certificate
  • S3 Bucket
  • CloudFront Distribution
  • Route53 Records
  • IAM Policy to Write Updates


module "production" {
  source = "spatialcurrent/coconut/aws"

  fqdn            = ""
  environment     = "production"


Name Description Type Default Required
cloudfront_comment string n/a yes
cloudfront_logs_bucket_domain_name string n/a yes
cloudfront_origin_id string n/a yes
environment string n/a yes
fqdn string n/a yes
iam_policy_s3_write string n/a yes
route53_zone_id string n/a yes
s3_bucket_name string n/a yes
s3_logs_bucket_id string n/a yes
s3_logs_prefix string n/a yes
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