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@oblm oblm released this May 20, 2019 · 244 commits to release since this release

Starting from Unreal GDK version 0.4.2, the release note is published in both English and Chinese. To view the Chinese version, scroll down a bit for details. Thanks!
自从 Unreal GDK 0.4.2 版本开始,Release note 将同时提供中英文。要浏览中文版本,向下滚动页面查看详情。感谢!


English version

Unreal GDK version 0.4.2 is go!
The corresponding Engine version is: 4.20-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-0.4.2
Note: there are no changes in the corresponding engine version between 0.4.0 and 0.4.2.

Make sure to upgrade your GDK and Engine fork to the latest release by following these steps.

After upgrading, be sure to delete<GameRoot>\Content\Spatial\SchemaDatabase.uasset. This is necessary because some GDK upgrades change how we handle schema, and this sometimes invalidates previously generated schema.

Happy developing!

GDK team

Release Notes 0.4.2

New Known Issues:

  • BeginPlay() is not called on all WorldSettings actors #937
  • Replicated properties within DEBUG or WITH_EDITORONLY_DATA macros are not supported #939
  • Client connections will be closed by the ServerWorker when using Blueprint or C++ breakpoints during play-in-editor sessions #940
  • Clients that connect after a Startup Actor (with bNetLoadOnClient = true) will not delete the Actor #941
  • Generating schema while asset manager is asynchronously loading causes editor to crash #944

Bug fixes:

  • Adjusted dispatcher tickrate to reduce latency
  • GenerateSchemaAndSnapshots commandlet no longer runs a full schema generation for each map.
  • Launching SpatialOS would fail if there was a space in the full directory path.
  • Fixed an issue with schema name collisions.
  • Fixed an issue where schema generation was not respecting "Directories to never cook".
  • Fixed an issue causing the editor to crash during schema generation if the database is read only.



Unreal GDK 0.4.2 版本已发布!
相应的引擎版本为: 4.20-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-0.4.2
注意:相应的引擎版本在 0.4.0 和 0.4.2 之间没有变化。

确保按照 以下步骤 将 GDK 和 Engine 分支升级到最新版本。

升级后,请务必删除 <GameRoot>\Content\Spatial\SchemaDatabase.uasset,这是因为部分 GDK 的更新会改变我们处理模式语言的方式,这有时会使先前生成的模式语言无效。


GDK 团队

Release Notes 0.4.2


  • BeginPlay() 无法在WorldSettings Actor 中被调用 #937
  • 不支持在 DEBUGWITH_EDITORONLY_DATA 宏中的属性复制 #939
  • 在 play-in-editor 会话期间使用 Blueprint 或 C++ 断点时,ServerWorker 将关闭客户端连接 #940
  • 在 Startup Actor (其中 bNetLoadOnClient = true) 之后连接的客户端将不会删除该 Startup Actor #941
  • 在资产管理器异步加载时生成模式语言会导致编辑器崩溃 #944


  • 调整调度器的更新频率以减少延迟
  • GenerateSchemaAndSnapshots 命令行工具不再为每个地图生成完整的模式语言
  • 如果完整目录路径中有空格,那么启动 SpatialOS 将失败
  • 修复了模式名称冲突的问题
  • 修复了模式语言生成无视 "Directories to never cook" 的问题
  • 修复了当数据库只读的情况下,导致编辑器在模式语言生成期间崩溃的问题
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