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Larabank built with aggregates and projectors
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Larabank built with an aggregate and projectors 📽

Larabank accounts page

This is an example app used in the documentation of laravel-event-projector.

These rules are implemented:

  • a user cannot go below -5000 on an account
  • when hitting the limit three times in a row a loan proposal mail must be sent

Getting started

  • Clone the repo
  • copy env.example to .env
  • set the DB_ environment variables in .env to your liking
  • create a database with the name specified in DB_DATABASE
  • composer install
  • yarn, yarn run dev (or the npm equivalents)
  • migrate and seed the database with php artisan migrate:fresh --seed
  • you can now loging in with user "", password "secret"


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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