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Event sourcing for Artisans 📽

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This package aims to be the entry point to get started with event sourcing in Laravel. It can help you with setting up aggregates, projectors, and reactors.

If you've never worked with event sourcing, or are uncertain about what aggregates, projectors and reactors are head over to the getting familiar with event sourcing section in our docs.

Event sourcing might be a good choice for your project if:

  • your app needs to make decisions based on the past
  • your app has auditing requirements: the reason why your app is in a certain state is equally as important as the state itself
  • you foresee that there will be a reporting need in the future, but you don't know yet which data you need to collect for those reports

If you want to skip to reading code immediately, here are some example apps. In each of them, you can create accounts and deposit or withdraw money.

Event sourcing in Laravel course

If you want to learn more about event sourcing, check out our course on event sourcing in Laravel

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You can find installation instructions and detailed instructions on how to use this package at the dedicated documentation site.

Upgrading from laravel-event-projector

This package supercedes laravel-event-projector. It has the same API. Upgrading from laravel-event-projector to laravel-event-sourcing is easy. Take a look at our upgrade guide.


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The aggregate root functionality is heavily inspired by Frank De Jonge's excellent EventSauce package. A big thank you to Dries Vints for giving lots of valuable feedback while we were developing the package.


1 Quote taken from Event Sourcing made Simple


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.