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What is superMarine?

SuperMarine is a geometry generator for OpenFOAM that can be used for stirred tanks commonly used in chemical and biochemical engineering. It aims to give an easy solution for academic research and students that which to use OpenFOAM on common and simple geometry. The scripts create a blockMesh file ready to be used within a OpenFOAM case.

SuperMarine was first developed to build a marine impeller, but can also be used to create a wide variety of impeller. The present version of the code is sufficient to create accurately a basic stirred tank design with its impeller, but can be tweaked in order to have more sophisticated shapes. Since it is a python script, the user can change the code has he wish and adapt it to his case.

To Execute the spMarine-demo

  1. Load the openFoam toolkit in your environment.
  2. Switch to the directory and enter:
    1. $ python3
    2. $ mpirun -n4 interFoam -parallel
    3. The number of processor can be changed in the decomposePar dictionary


  • Clean the code
  • Finish the manual
  • Add an example
  • Add more examples


Quick Introduction

To use superMarine copy the script to the case folder, then execute the script ($python3 The "./constant/polyMesh" directory must exist.

Variables Description
DIVI Angular, Radial and Vertical divisions per block
RQUAD Radius of each QUADran. This parameter must be a list of at least two elements,The first being the center hole/square section.
NSEC The Number of SECtors to create.Must be a multiple of 4 (12,24 and 36 are useful multiple of 4!)
HLAY Height of each LAYers. This parameter must be a list of at least one element
SHAFT Section on which the SHAFT exists. This parameter must be a list which as the same number of elements of HLAY.
IMPELLERCUT Where to CUT for the IMPELLER. This parameter must be a NSEC by NCAR by NHLAY 3d matrix. A 1 in a region means to cut that region for the impeller.
SQRRATIO The RATIO for the distance between the center SQuaRe region and the Outer cylinder. Must be larger than 0 and smaller than 1.

Special Tanks

Denis Groleau Pierre Proulx Ehsan Askari