Creating HTML Sections

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When using grunt-html-build, you can generate a HTML page using many input files.

Let's take an application directory like this :

  • views
    • view1.html
    • view2.html
  • templates
    • tmpl1.html
    • tmpl2.html
  • index.html


		<!-- build:section recursive views --><!-- /build -->
		<!-- build:section templates --><!-- /build -->


    htmlbuild: {
        src: 'index.html',
        dest: 'dist/',
        options: {
            sections: {
                views: 'views/**/*.html',
                templates: 'templates/**/*.html',

After grunt build process the index.html file will contain files in views and template directories.

Recursive option

If the recursive option is specified in the tag, grunt-html-build will recursively build every views passed in the section.

Useful to create a main layout file and cut your work in little files.