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This is the development version

This repository holds a copy of the current development version of the contributed R-package spatstat.

This development version is more recent than the official release of spatstat on CRAN. Each official release of spatstat has a version number like 1.2-3 while the development version has a version number like 1.2-3.004 (which R recognises as a later version). Official releases occur every 8 weeks (the minimum time permitted by CRAN policies) while the development code is updated almost every day.

Where is the official release?

For the most recent official release of spatstat, see the CRAN page.

spatstat is now split into several packages

Recently we have started the process of splitting spatstat into several packages (as mandated by CRAN, because spatstat is very large).

Your existing code will still work: typing library(spatstat) will still give you access to all the functions in spatstat that you know from previous versions.

However, messages from R about the installation and loading of the package will now show that spatstat consists of several pieces. Currently there are three pieces:

. spatstat: contains the main functionality of the spatstat family.

. spatstat.data: contains the datasets for the spatstat family. The current development version of spatstat.data is here.

. spatstat.utils: utility functions originally included in spatstat which are now accessible as a separate package. The current development version of spatstat.utils is here.

When you type library(spatstat) this will load the main spatstat library and the spatstat.data library, and will also import the spatstat.utils library. This means that spatstat.utils functions can be used by spatstat but cannot be accessed by the user. To access these utility functions directly, you need to type library(spatstat.utils).

Extension packages

There are also extension packages which provide additional capabilities and must be loaded explicitly when you need them. Currently there are two extension packages:

. spatstat.local for local model-fitting,

. spatstat.sphere for analysing point patterns on a sphere.


Installing the official release

To install the official release of spatstat from CRAN, start R and type


Installing the development version

The easiest way to install the development version of spatstat from github is through the remotes package. Start R and type


If you don't have remotes installed you should first run


Bug reports

Users are encouraged to report bugs here. Go to issues in the menu above, and press new issue to start a new bug report, documentation correction or feature request.

Please do not post questions on the Issues page, because it's too clunky for correspondence.

Questions about spatstat

For questions about spatstat, first check the question-and-answer website stackoverflow. If your question is not listed, you can either post your question at stackoverflow, or email the authors.

Making your own changes

Feel free to fork spatstat, make changes to the code, and ask us to include them in the package by making a github pull request.

However, this repository is only a copy of the development code, so your pull request may not be implemented until the next official release.