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This is a public release of spatstat with version number 1.61-0 and version nickname "Puppy zoomies".

Summary of changes since last official release:

  • Fast kernel estimation on a linear network using 2D kernels.

  • Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation of rho.

  • Extension of Scott's rule for bandwidth selection.

  • Cross-validated bandwidth selection on a linear network.

  • More support for character-valued images.

  • Random thinning of clumps.

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Detailed information about recent changes can be obtained by typing (after having loaded this release of spatstat) in an R session window.

Use the links above to download spatstat for your platform (these links are generated automatically by other servers, so they may not appear immediately). For Linux use .tar.gz, for OSX Mavericks (or higher) use .tgz if available, and for Windows use .zip if available (do not use the links labelled "source code").

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