An extremely simple example to help one get started in scalatra and slick with mysql
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The purpose of this project is to learn about Scala, Scalatra & Slick. Slick is an incredible orm-like library for scala, but at the moment, hard to learn due to few documentation, because it has just been created to replace the library ScalaQuery.

I had based this project on the info found on these various websites

Getting Started with Scalatra

Learning Slick

Slick Examples on Github

Build & Run

$ cd hello-scalatra
$ ./sbt
> container:start
> browse

If browse doesn't launch your browser, manually open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.

Quick Run

If you just want to look at the results quickly, use worksheet to quickly see how slick works in scala.

Other great resources

Coursera - Functional Programming in Scala