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Cloudanators - euv

These are Erlang bindings to libuv. There goals for this project are to create a stable binding to libuv's file handling and demonstrate how that affects file IO for processes with large mailboxes.

If that work goes quickly enough I'll add wrappers to the networking parts of libuv and lastly if time I'll add the HTTP parser from node and compare that against Erlang's builtin HTTP packet parsing.

Current Status

While this NIF works well enough to do basic open/read/write/close file IO (on OS X at least) I've completely missed the mark on my original goals of relying on the OTP-8623 optimization for message passing with newly created references. Ie, its no better (and I think a tidge slower) than the builtin file module. If/when I figure out how to make that selective receive more efficient for messages generated from a NIF we can look into rebooting this project.

Building and Testing

Theoretically you should be able to build this on OS X by just running make in the top directory.

The tests I was using are:

$ ./test/
$ ERL_FLAGS="-pa ebin" ./test/

The fact that they both follow the same latency curves shows that my NIF isn't nearly as awesome as I had hoped it would be.