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defmodule BeamCraft.Protocol do
alias BeamCraft.EncodingHelpers, as: Encoding
alias BeamCraft.DecodingHelpers, as: Decoidng
@behaviour :ranch_protocol
@moduledoc """
This module impliments a ranch protcol capable of communicating with
Minecraft classic clients.
It communicates with `BeamCraft.GameServer` to send and recive updates to
the game state.
Messages decoded (using `BeamCraft.DecodingHelpers.decode_packet/1`) are translated to:
* Login -> `BeamCraft.GameServer.login/2`
* Block Update -> either `BeamCraft.GameServer.create_block/4` or `BeamCraft.GameServer.destroy_block/4`
* Player Position -> `BeamCraft.GameServer.update_position/5`
* Chat Message -> `BeamCraft.GameServer.send_message/1`
When the process recives a messages in the form of `{:send_packet, payload}`, it
invokes `BeamCraft.EncodingHelpers.encode_packet/1` and sends the resulting binary
to the connected client.
def start_link(ref, socket, transport, _opts) do
pid = spawn_link(__MODULE__, :init, [ref, socket, transport])
{:ok, pid}
@doc """
Initialize function for the process.
This accepts the socket from ranch, sets `acive: :once`
on the socket, then enters its main loop.
def init(ref, socket, transport) do
:ok = :ranch.accept_ack(ref)
transport.setopts(socket, [active: :once])
loop(socket, transport, <<>>)
defp loop(socket, transport, old_data) do
transport.setopts(socket, [active: :once])
receive do
{:tcp, ^socket, new_data} ->
{:ok, message, next_data} = Decoidng.decode_packet(old_data <> new_data)
:ok = handle_packet(socket, transport, message)
loop(socket, transport, next_data)
{:tcp_closed, ^socket} ->
{:send_packet, payload} ->
packet = Encoding.encode_packet(payload)
transport.send(socket, packet)
loop(socket, transport, old_data)
any ->
IO.puts("Got unhandled message #{inspect any, pretty: true}")
loop(socket, transport, old_data)
defp handle_packet(socket, transport, {:login, username, password}) do
# Log the user in
{:ok, server_name, motd, player} = BeamCraft.GameServer.login(username, password)
login_packet = Encoding.encode_packet({:server_info, server_name, motd, player.player_type})
transport.send(socket, login_packet)
# Send the map
{map_length, map_width, map_height, map_data} = BeamCraft.GameServer.get_map_details
# Initialize level data
transport.send(socket, Encoding.encode_packet({:map_initialize}))
# Send the map chunks
chunks = Encoding.chunk_map(map_data)
for chunk <- chunks, do: transport.send(socket, chunk)
# Finalize by sending the map dimensions
transport.send(socket, Encoding.encode_packet({:map_finalize, map_length, map_width, map_height}))
# Spawn the player
transport.send(socket, Encoding.encode_packet({:spawn_player, 255, player.username, player.x, player.y, player.z, player.pitch, player.yaw}))
defp handle_packet(_, _, {:message, message}) do
defp handle_packet(_, _, {:player_position, _player_id, x, y, z, yaw, pitch}) do
BeamCraft.GameServer.update_position(x, y, z, yaw, pitch)
defp handle_packet(_, _, {:block_created, x, y, z, block_type}) do
BeamCraft.GameServer.create_block(x, y, z, block_type)
defp handle_packet(_, _, {:block_destroyed, x, y, z, block_type}) do
BeamCraft.GameServer.destroy_block(x, y, z, block_type)
defp handle_packet(_, _, _) do