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@set node_name=htoad
@rem Get the abolute path to the parent directory,
@rem which is assumed to be the node root.
@for /F "delims=" %%I in ("%~dp0..") do @set node_root=%%~fI
@set releases_dir=%node_root%\releases
@rem Parse ERTS version and release version from
@for /F "tokens=1,2" %%I in (%releases_dir%\ do @(
@call :set_trim erts_version %%I
@call :set_trim release_version %%J
@set erts_bin=%node_root%\erts-%erts_version%\bin
@set service_name=%node_name%_%release_version%
@if "%1"=="install" @goto install
@if "%1"=="uninstall" @goto uninstall
@if "%1"=="start" @goto start
@if "%1"=="stop" @goto stop
@if "%1"=="restart" @call :stop && @goto start
@if "%1"=="console" @goto console
@rem TODO: attach, ping, restart and reboot
@echo Usage: %0 {install|uninstall|start|stop|restart|console}
@goto :EOF
@%erts_bin%\erlsrv.exe add %service_name% -c "Erlang node %node_name% in %node_root%" -sname %node_name% -w %node_root% -m %node_root%\bin\start_erl.cmd -args " ++ %node_name% ++ %node_root%" -stopaction "init:stop()."
@goto :EOF
@%erts_bin%\erlsrv.exe remove %service_name%
@%erts_bin%\epmd.exe -kill
@goto :EOF
@%erts_bin%\erlsrv.exe start %service_name%
@goto :EOF
@%erts_bin%\erlsrv.exe stop %service_name%
@goto :EOF
@start %erts_bin%\werl.exe -boot %releases_dir%\%release_version%\%node_name%
@goto :EOF
@set %1=%2
@goto :EOF
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