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Config file directory and .vimrc for use with the 20091202 meeting
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apt_sources.list.d add my apt_sources from mini-laptop
bin * junipernc: third party wrapper script for juniper connect on linux
chef enironment variable expansion in doublequoted strings
code_samples add syntax parser switch example, sql inside perl
dzil dzil config file, minus password
fonts add SourceCodePro open font from Adobe
slides deleted
vim backport vim config changes from office
vroom default css file to include with html vroom output
Xresources add my Xrsesources
gitconfig adds git vimdiff alias to view diff in vim
perltidyrc Unhide dot files by stripping them of their dotness
screenrc read/write the XClipboard via xsel
synergy.conf maps alt to apple-splat, add dm names/ip
vimrc backport vim config changes from office
zshrc saves history and smiley prompt
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