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read/write the XClipboard via xsel

* aptitude install xsel
* C-A < to read from XClipboard into the paste buffer
* C-A > to write the paste buffer into the XClipboard

C-A < could be extended with '(paste .)' to paste the
XClipboard directly into the current screen
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1 parent 161abb3 commit 472003ef1cb5067002e42d52b0f35e18dded6b23 Andrew Grangaard committed Oct 18, 2012
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@@ -16,6 +16,10 @@ term "screen-256color"
attrcolor b ".I"
defbce "on" #clear with current background color rather than default background color
+# read and write screen clipboard to X clipboard.
+bind > eval writebuf "exec sh -c 'xsel -nbi </tmp/screen-exchange'"
+bind < eval "exec sh -c 'xsel -bo >/tmp/screen-exchange'" readbuf
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