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A microblogging client (Twitter,, StatusNet) for Palm webOS
JavaScript Shell
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miniicon.png - added some basic start to handing a 'post' launch param
sources.json Derp
splashicon.png Newest SpazCore; Replaced Users class with SpazAccounts; Replaced scT…

What is Spaz webOS?

Spaz for webOS is a full rewrite of the Spaz codebase. It's based on SpazCore, a component library for web runtime applications.

More information:

Notes on xAuth

Spaz uses xAuth to authenticate with Twitter. We do not distribute our consumer key and secret per Twitter's request. You will need to:

  1. Register an app at Twitter, and get your own consumer key and secret
  2. Request xAuth access by emailing (more info)

If you don't want to go through these steps, you'll need to use end-user test builds, and won't be able to run from source.

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