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Commits on Mar 22, 2010
@thynctank thynctank fixed error w/ wrong IDs on widget event listeners 419100d
@thynctank thynctank beginnings of shifting main timeline to using list widget, documented…
… steps to take in TODO, converted vanilla tweet template to proper view
@thynctank thynctank added tap handler for tweets in timeline, removed massive DOM-centric…
… equivalent code (though not currently handling tap + hold or tap on avatar). Removed stray end tag.
@thynctank thynctank still having display and sort order issues, but replies showing style…
…d differently, and have begun manipulating the data at the mojo model level
@thynctank thynctank sort order working correctly 94fa67c
@thynctank thynctank tap and hold working correctly again 3e097b0
@thynctank thynctank tweaks b12131c
@thynctank thynctank hopefully fixed issue with users missing from some tweets returned fr…
…om Twitter
@thynctank thynctank fixed rendering issues. Need to make replies/DM filters work, add typ…
…e-as-you-go filter, copy into other timeline scenes
Commits on Mar 28, 2010
@thynctank thynctank selecting only replies/DMs/both works on main scene, favorites scene …
…now converted to widgets.

DMs are not being stored for some reason, need to look into it...

Next is type as you go filter, then calling it a night
@thynctank thynctank fixed new_count, etc to calculate based on mojo model cc24f4d
@thynctank thynctank DMs working properly now. Filtering via drop down works properly. Bou…
…t to add filter widget
@thynctank thynctank filterfield working c5da80a
@thynctank thynctank filter working on favorites scene as well 163c9c3
@thynctank thynctank corrected filter behavior across favorites and my timeline scenes 0a35602
@thynctank thynctank fixed issue w/ DMs not loading detail scene b86d6b2
Commits on Mar 30, 2010
@thynctank thynctank filter should be working better now, new counts should be correct, an…
…d new/old status should be indicated properly by styling on tweets
@thynctank thynctank restored clickability of links/usernames/hashtags 1d54e7a
@thynctank thynctank 1.2.0 54ef7fb
@thynctank thynctank removed calls to cache stuff 06db6b6
@thynctank thynctank converted favs assistant to use last_id, latest spazcore_webos, defau…
…lting filterState on my timeline to "filter-timeline-all"
@thynctank thynctank simplified previous_count to pull from model instead of dom 9715eb6
Commits on Mar 31, 2010
@thynctank thynctank switched back to sorting by unixtime, IDs led to DMs being sorted inc…
…orrectly. Removed cruft from my timeline assistant.
@thynctank thynctank added 3 debug lines: 231 in my-timeline-assistant.js right before cal…
…l to filterTimeline(), 10466 in combinedTimelineFinished and 11354 in the _getTimeline "complete" callback in spazcore-webos.js for debugging
Commits on Jun 19, 2010
@thynctank thynctank copied formatters from Benjamin Kampmann's fork, list seems to load f…
…aster. Also making D messages uniform in storage ("sender" becomes "user" for faster template-rendering. Formatters are in scene.js to be reused across scenes.

Had to update some strings in templates.js to reflect sender => user change.
@thynctank thynctank latest spazcore 7ad43a2
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