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spbnick commented Aug 31, 2016

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Thank you so much for your work! You've opened up a whole new set of opportunities for beginner artists


Positively awesome contribution to the Linux community, and a great letter of explanation! If had the requisite time and skills I'd step up but as is, can only hope someone who doe shave the requisite time and skills does so. Fingers crossed.

It would be doubly awesome if some money flowed from tablet manufacturing companies into a pool of funding for Linux support.

The one thing I can suggest to add to this awesome article is some links to primers on kernel driver design and contributions if they exist, in the hope of upskilling emergent talent and interest most smoothly.


Is too bad that I am in no position to help at all, thus I just hope that the community around LInux would step in and a least preserve all this work as much as possible, specially those with enough resources like the big Linux distributions or the DE organizations. I am sure many people would benefit still from the drivers for the time to come.

Nikolai, this is an invaluable work you have done, If it wasn't for this driver I wouldn't have such a great experience using my tablets with Linux, put it simple, for many of us you make affordable digital art possible, kudos an many thanks for that. I really appreciate it.

alglez commented Sep 4, 2016

Thank you so much for your work, I deeply appreciated it. Hope you the best.

Moini commented Sep 13, 2016

Nikolai, I'd also like to thank you - for your work on the driver (I finally configured my graphics tablet buttons yesterday to also make use of those!), for the .deb package, and for all your patient answers :-)

Wishing you all the best!

(I hear the Krita project pays their devs... but I guess this is out of scope for them...)


Unfff... Please step up someone. :( I really need help and don't know what to do.

Peque commented Oct 19, 2016

Thanks for your contributions. ❤️

Please, tell us in this thread when you publish those HOWTOs on how to diagnose problems with tablets and how to reverse-engineer tablet protocols! I would love to have a look at them, play and learn. 😊

Good luck and wish you the best in your life.

spbnick commented Oct 30, 2016

@Peque Thanks! I finished the diagnosing HOWTO. Please feel free to suggest corrections, report issues and ask extra questions using the blue buttons at the top and the bottom of the page!

Peque commented Oct 31, 2016

@spbnick It looks great!

Unless it gets stuck in customs, I will receive a graphics tablet in a couple of days, so I will be having a more thorough look at the HOWTO very soon. 😊

wirasdt commented Nov 4, 2016 edited

stop apologizing! :)

thanks for all your hard work! cant even imagine the time and effort that must have went into this over the years. it's a beautiful project and it helped lots and lots of people make use of their little gadgets and will continue to do so even in your absence.

all the best,

ilovepumpkin commented Nov 20, 2016 edited

@spbnick Really appreciate to your contributions and persistence. It is a pity that my tablet issue was not fixed before you leaving. I am going to look at your How To and see if I could get it works myself. Wish you good and good luck to myself, :).


Thank you so much for your work, I deeply appreciated it.
Many young creaters have been helped by you.
Hope you the best.

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