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Azure Functions on Linux

Quick example of using the Azure Serverless Functions framework inside a Docker Container.


Runing the sample locally

  • Clone the repository
  • run func start on the command line
  • browse to http://localhost:7071/api/echo - returns Hello from hostname [architecture and processor type]
  • browse to /api/advocates - returns json result of the @azureadvocates list
  • browse to /api/advocates?id=1 - returns individual advocate

Creating a Docker image

When initializing a new function app project, a base Docker image can be added with the --docker option.

func init --docker

The Dockerfile added is very basic:

FROM microsoft/azure-functions-runtime:v2.0.0-beta1
ENV AzureWebJobsScriptRoot=/home/site/wwwroot
COPY . /home/site/wwwroot

Create the image for the project

docker build -t funkylinux .

Run the image and map port 80 to a local port.

docker run -p 3001:80 funkylinux

Browse to the same endpoints on the new url - http://localhost:3001/api/echo