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# change directory
cd src
# build compose files from scratch
docker-compose build --no-cache
# start compose
docker-compose up

Need to wait about 25-30 seconds for the SQL Server to boot and load test data.

Browse to http://localhost:57270 and click the Names link

Adding development certificate for ASP.NET

# Remove and certs from the app if there
dotnet dev-certs https --clean

# Export certificate with a password and TRUST using the --trust flag
# to the path ${HOME}/.aspnet/https/<appname>.pfx -p <password> --trust
dotnet dev-certs https -ep ${HOME}/.aspnet/https/namesweb.pfx -p P@55w0rd --trust

# Add the password of the cert to the user secrets for the app
dotnet user-secrets set "Kestrel:Certificates:Development:Password" "P@55w0rd" --id 7A303942-47A6-491F-80AD-78057FA8B0CB

Docker and docker-compose elements

  • EXPOSE 443 in the Dockerfile (80 is EXPOSED by default)
  • docker-compose map ports and environment variables
      - ASPNETCORE_URLS=https://+;http://+
    # Replace the values on the left by the values on your launchSettings.json
      - "57270:80"
      - "44348:443"
      - ${HOME}/.microsoft/usersecrets/:/root/.microsoft/usersecrets
      - ${HOME}/.aspnet/https:/root/.aspnet/https/

ASP.NET Core App launchsettings.json

 "applicationUrl": "http://localhost:57270",
      "sslPort": 44348
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