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Explicitly require PDUs, to get jruby jar packaging working

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commit 3c3ca0bc35999371990aa1a60e4863066a3c79f9 1 parent 214f141
@nikitug nikitug authored
Showing with 22 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +22 −10 lib/smpp.rb
32 lib/smpp.rb
@@ -7,19 +7,31 @@
require 'logger'
-require 'smpp/base.rb'
-require 'smpp/transceiver.rb'
-require 'smpp/transmitter.rb'
-require 'smpp/receiver.rb'
+require 'smpp/base'
+require 'smpp/transceiver'
+require 'smpp/transmitter'
+require 'smpp/receiver'
require 'smpp/optional_parameter'
-require 'smpp/pdu/base.rb'
-require 'smpp/pdu/bind_base.rb'
-require 'smpp/pdu/bind_resp_base.rb'
+require 'smpp/pdu/base'
+require 'smpp/pdu/bind_base'
+require 'smpp/pdu/bind_resp_base'
# Load all PDUs
-Dir.glob(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'smpp', 'pdu', '*.rb')) do |f|
- require f unless f.match('base.rb$')
+require 'smpp/pdu/bind_receiver'
+require 'smpp/pdu/bind_receiver_response'
+require 'smpp/pdu/bind_transceiver'
+require 'smpp/pdu/bind_transceiver_response'
+require 'smpp/pdu/deliver_sm'
+require 'smpp/pdu/deliver_sm_response'
+require 'smpp/pdu/enquire_link'
+require 'smpp/pdu/enquire_link_response'
+require 'smpp/pdu/generic_nack'
+require 'smpp/pdu/submit_multi'
+require 'smpp/pdu/submit_multi_response'
+require 'smpp/pdu/submit_sm'
+require 'smpp/pdu/submit_sm_response'
+require 'smpp/pdu/unbind'
+require 'smpp/pdu/unbind_response'
# Default logger. Invoke this call in your client to use another logger.
Smpp::Base.logger =
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