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v18.10.1: Packaging release

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@darsto darsto released this 20 Dec 09:21
· 34 commits to v18.10.x since this release


Spec file for creating RPM SPDK packages is now available:

Base SPDK package - all apps installed by make install

  • spdk_* applications
  • shared libs in libs64 dir

SPDK development package:

  • header files
  • static/shared libs

These two are autogenerated by rpmbuild

SPDK tools package:
scripts/ -> /usr/sbin/spdk-rpc
scripts/ -> /usr/sbin/spdk-cli

no_arch/spdk-doc: optional, generated when adding '--with doc'
SPDK html doc package:
doc/output/html/ -> /usr/share/doc/spdk/html


On shutdown, bdev unregister now proceeds in top-down fashion, with
claimed bdevs skipped (these will be unregistered later, when virtual
bdev built on top of the respective base bdev unclaims it). This
allows virtual bdevs to be shut down cleanly as opposed to the
previous behavior that didn't differentiate between hotremove and
planned shutdown.

Bug fixes

  • nvmf: improve error handling during disconnect and QP shutdown
  • blobstore: remove snpashot from the list only on blob deletion
  • memory: return first translation from mem_map_translate
  • iSCSI: prevent recalculation of CRC multiple times
  • bdev/crypto: improve error handling when creating and unregistering
  • env_dpdk/memory: fix contiguous memory calculation for unaligned buffers
  • env_dpdk/memory: prevent freeing dynamically allocated memory back to OS
  • fio_plugin: Perform initialization and teardown on consistent thread
  • fio_plugin: exit immediately if spdk_fio_init_env fails
  • app/trace: fix app_name dereference on init