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SPDK v20.01.2: Maintenance LTS Release

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@tomzawadzki tomzawadzki released this 01 Jun 18:00
· 5 commits to v20.01.x since this release

SPDK 20.01.2 is a bug fix and maintenance LTS release.


Updated DPDK submodule to DPDK 19.11.2, which includes fixes for DPDK vulnerabilities:
CVE-2020-10722, CVE-2020-10723, CVE-2020-10724, CVE-2020-10725, CVE-2020-10724.


A new function, spdk_mem_reserve, has been added to reserve a memory region in SPDK's
memory maps. It pre-allocates data structures to hold memory address translations
without populating the region.


A new RPC, bdev_rbd_resize has been added to resize the Ceph RBD bdev.

GitHub issues

  • #1291: lib/blob: merge EP of a clone when deleting a snapshot
  • #1292: nvme/rdma: Wait for completions of both RDMA RECV and SEND