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Tool that generates license data found in the license-list-data repository from the license-list-XML source
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This is the source code repository for the tool that generates license data found in the license-list-data repository. The source for the the data is located in the license-list-XML repository.


See the file for information on making contributions to the LicenseListPublisher.


The command line interface of the licenseListPublisher can be used like this:

java -jar licenseListPublisher.jar <function> <parameters> 

Where the following functions and parameters are supported:

LicenseRDFAGenerator licencenseXmlFileOrDir outputDirectory [version] [releasedate] [testfiles] [ignoredwarnings]
   licencenseXmlFileOrDir - a license XML file or a directory of license XML files
   outputDirectory - Directory to store the output from the license generator
   [version] - Version of the SPDX license list
   [releasedate] - Release date of the SPDX license list
   [testfiles] - Directory of original text files to compare the generated licenses against
   [ignoredwarnings] - Either a file name or a comma separated list of warnings to be ignored
 -d,--directory <arg>        Input XML directory
 -h,--help                   Prints out this message
 -I,--ignoreAllWarnings      Ignore all warnings
 -O,--outputrepo <arg>       Git repository to output the license list
                             data to.  The git user must have update
                             access to this repository
 -p,--password <arg>         Github password
 -r,--release <arg>          License list release tag or version
 -t,--testOnly               Only tests the license XML files - does not
                             update or publish the results
 -u,--user <arg>             Github Username
 -w,--ignoreWarnings <arg>   Ignore specific warning messages
 -x,--xmlrepo <arg>          Input license XML repository
 -z,--debug                  Prints debug information while processing
TestLicenseXML licenseXmlFile textFile
   licenseXmlFile XML - file to test
   textFile - Text file which should match the the license text for the licenseXmlFile


Running the LicenseRDFaGenerator for a single file will overwrite any index.html, licenses.json etc. with the single file results.


See the NOTICE file for licensing information including info from 3rd Party Software

See LICENSE file for full license text

SPDX-License-Identifier:	Apache-2.0
PackageLicenseDeclared:		Apache-2.0



You need Apache Maven to build the project:

mvn clean install
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