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Version 3.9

@swinslow swinslow released this
· 591 commits to master since this release
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New licenses/exceptions added: 16

  1. CAL-1.0
  2. CAL-1.0-Combined-Work-Exception
  3. CERN-OHL-P-2.0
  4. CERN-OHL-S-2.0
  5. CERN-OHL-W-2.0
  6. Hippocratic-2.1
  7. LGPL-3.0-linking-exception
  8. MulanPSL-2.0
  9. NCGL-UK-2.0
  10. O-UDA-1.0
  11. OGC-1.0
  12. Parity-7.0.0
  13. PolyForm-Noncommercial-1.0.0
  14. PolyForm-Small-Business-1.0.0
  15. SHL-2.0
  16. SHL-2.1

Deprecate BSD-2-Clause-NetBSD as substantively identical to BSD-2-Clause.

Update and expand license inclusion principles.

Update matching guidelines to v2.1.

Add and update various documentation and legal team meeting details.

Add helper script to enable renaming licenses for use in preparing XML and test

Updates and cleanup of markup for various licenses and other minor changes.

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