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Thank you for your interest in spdx-tools. The project is open-source software, and bug reports, suggestions, and most especially patches are welcome.


spdx-tools has a project page on GitHub where you can create an issue to report a bug, make a suggestion, or propose a substantial change or improvement that you might like to make. You may also wish to contact the SPDX working group technical team through its mailing list,

If you would like to work on a fix for any issue, please assign the issue to yourself prior to creating a patch.


The source code for spdx-tools is hosted on Please review open pull requests and active branches before committing time to a substantial revision. Work along similar lines may already be in progress.

To submit a patch via GitHub, fork the repository, create a topic branch from master for your work, and send a pull request when ready. If you would prefer to send a patch or grant access to pull from your own Git repository, please contact the project's contributors by e-mail.

To contribute an implementation of a feature defined by a version of the SPDX specification later than the one supported by the current SPDX Tools release, clone the branch spec/X.X, where X.X is the major.minor version of the targeted specification (e.g. "3.0").

Once implemented, submit a pull request with spec/X.X branch as the parent branch.


However you choose to contribute, please confirm in a comment to your pull request or by e-mail that you license your contributions under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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