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# Tcl ignores the next line -*- tcl -*- \
exec wish "$0" -- "$@"
if { $argc >=2 && [lindex $argv 0] == "--working-dir" } {
set workdir [lindex $argv 1]
cd $workdir
if {[lindex [file split $workdir] end] eq {.git}} {
# Workaround for Explorer right click "Git GUI Here" on .git/
cd ..
set argv [lrange $argv 2 end]
incr argc -2
set bindir [file dirname \
[file dirname \
[file dirname [info script]]]]
set bindir [file join $bindir bin]
regsub -all ";" $bindir "\\;" bindir
set env(PATH) "$bindir;$env(PATH)"
unset bindir
source [file join [file dirname [info script]] git-gui.tcl]
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