A jQuery plugin that tags an element with a class reflecting the current day’s occasion or holiday.
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jquery.occasions is a jQuery plugin that tags an element with a class reflecting the current day’s occasion or holiday. You can then style that element with CSS (or do something else clever with it). For example, you could show special versions of your site’s logo on different holidays.

Minified version size: ~4kb


Include jquery.occasions.js (or jquery.occasions.min.js) and occasions.json in your project.

Basic usage

<h1 id="logo">
  <a href="/">Logo</a>

Call jquery.occasions on the element you want tagged with special occasions:


On May the 4th, this will result in:

<h1 id="logo" class="star-wars" data-occasion="star-wars">
  <a href="/">Logo</a>

In your CSS, define the styles of the occasions that you wish to make use of. You are provided with default style stubs in jquery.occasions.css. You may ignore the occasions that you do not want to use but their class names will still be added to your element.



This will give you additional occasions specific to the provided country. 'Canada' and 'USA' are provided. Pals.

$('#logo').occasions({country:'canada'}); //requires canada.json


jquery.occasions will look for its required external files in the directory from which it is run. If you wish to store these somewhere else, you’ll need to provide the filepath.

$('#logo').occasions({path:'/my/file/path'}); //this leads to occasions.json, canada.json, etc


This will give you additional occasions specific to the provided religious sect. 'Christian' is provided.

$('#logo').occasions({sect:'christian'}); //requires christian.json

onSuccess callback

When jquery.occasions adds a class to your element, code inside the onSuccess callback will be executed.

  onSuccess: function() {
    //add your callback code here


Custom occasions

Custom occasions can be added by editing the occasions.json file (or one of the other json files, if that makes more sense). Follow the pattern there and you’re away to the races. Happy birthday!

Special dates

Three special date functions are available: nthDay(), lastWeekday() and weekdayBefore(). Use these in the json files as follows:


That would give you the second Monday of February.


That would give you the last Monday of May, which the United States observes as Memorial Day.


That would give you the Tuesday before February 27.

Don’t miss those double-quotes.

Date override

You can simulate an occasion by passing in the date you wish to test:

$('#logo').occasions({date_override:'May 04'});

This is for testing purposes only; it can’t be your birthday everyday.

Current occasion

You can retrieve the current occasion that is attached to your element by accessing $('#logo').data('occasion').

Advanced usage


  onSuccess: function() {
    if( $(this).data('occasion') == 'star-wars' ) {
      alert('May the Fourth be with you.');

Usage examples

Book club

A book club meets on the last Friday of each month. On those Fridays, their website shows a reminder badge.

Their occasions.json file looks like this:


They call jquery.occasions() on their body element:


In their CSS, they have:

#meeting-tonight {
  display: none;
body.book-club-meeting #meeting-tonight {
  display: block;


Occasion priority

Only one occasion is intended for a single day. If you use an option to include more occasions, those occasions will override the defaults in the event of a date overlap. If you need to avoid this, you can simply delete the troublesome line(s) from the associated json file.

Date format

Names of months and weekdays must be three letters, as in Jan, Feb, Mon and Tue. Dates before the 10th must contain a leading zero, as in Feb 07.


If you want to trim some overhead, you can edit the css and json files to remove occasions you don’t need.

Change Log

Aug 7, 2014 v0.0.1: Tunnel Mountain

  • Basic functionality
  • Some unofficial holidays
  • Canadian fixed-date national holidays and observances
  • Christian fixed-date holidays and observances

Aug 8, 2014 v0.0.2

  • Country setting bugfix
  • Support for nth weekday occasions (eg. Mother’s Day, Second Sunday of May)
  • Support for the weekday preceding a date (eg. Victoria Day, Monday before May 25)
  • Add Canadian and Christian nth weekday occasions
  • Remove Christian Easter occasions because they are based on moon cycles and beyond the scope of my interest in writing this plugin

Aug 9, 2014 v0.1.0

  • Add callback function

Apr 10, 2015 v1.0.0: Skoki

  • Add Jasmine test suite
  • Add date override
  • Use leading zeroes in all dates
  • Set occasion property on element

May 29, 2016 v2.0.0: Fort McMurray

  • Total rewrite with expanded test suite
  • Move occasions to external files (loaded only as needed)
  • Change date format ("02/07" to "Feb 07")
  • Expand default occasions

May 29, 2016 v2.1.0

  • Add lastWeekday function

Jun 4, 2016 v2.1.1

  • Path setting bugfix


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  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
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