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Java persistence for Cappuccino
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CappuccinoJava + Hibernate

What is it?

Cryson is a persistence solution for Cappuccino web applications. It uses Hibernate on the server side and tries to behave somewhat like Hibernate on the client side as well.

Optionally, Cryson can also help with:

  • Serving your Cappuccino application using Jetty
  • RESTful web services using Jersey
  • Authentication and authorization using Spring Security

How do I use it?

Check out the examples! Client API documentation can be generated by issuing 'jake documentation' in the client directory.


Cryson is open source, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. This is a permissive license, which among other things means that you can use Cryson in a commercial, closed source project, as long as you abide by the requirements of the license. The license requires that you include a copy of the license and provide attribution in your product, but does not require you to share your own original source code or any modifications to Cryson.


Cryson was written by Björn Sperber, with contributions by Johan Stille, Arsenij Vodjanov and Martin Gerholm. The development of Cryson has benefited greatly from the design suggestions, beta testing and production usage of our colleagues and friends at Delta Projects.


Cryson is currently pre-release software and is provided "AS IS". It contains a couple of known bugs and limitations. As for unknown bugs... there are probably quite a few! Please try things out before deciding to use Cryson in your mission critical project. Cryson is distributed WITHOUT WARRANTIES of any kind.

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