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A standalone service to connect to the Discord WebSocket gateway.
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Spectacles Gateway

Docker build status

A binary for ingesting data from the Discord gateway to a variety of sources.


  • Multiple output destinations
    • AMQP
    • Redis
    • ???
  • Sharding
    • Internal
    • External
    • Auto (fully managed)
  • OS support
    • Linux
  • Distributable binary builds
  • Multithreading
  • Zero-alloc message handling
  • Discord compression (ZSTD)
  • Automatic restarting
  • Failover


Usage of gateway:
  -config string
        location of the gateway config file (default "gateway.toml")
  -loglevel string
        log level for the client (default "info")

The config file is required.

token = "" # Discord token
events = [] # array of event names to publish

[shards] # optional
count = 2
ids = [0, 1]

[broker] # optional
url = "amqp://localhost"
group = "gateway"
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