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Laravel Telescope Demo

This is a demo of Laravel Telescope built for the presentation on the same topic (

Note that the postman collection is in docs/postman-collection.json of this repo

This project is based on the Laravel API Boilerplate

Presentation Notes

Demo Request

An example request

Telescope Features Shown

  • Request

Create new Post

An example request which creates a new resource in the system

Telescope Features Shown

  • Request
  • Model
  • Queries

Cache Example

An example request which demonstrates cache monitoring

Telescope Features Shown

  • Request
  • Cache

Create User

An example request which demonstrates several features;

Telescope Features Shown

  • Request
  • Queries
  • Models
  • Events
  • Mail
  • Jobs

Things to note

  • In order for telescope to record your emails, you will need to change your mail driver to "log"

Exceptional Request

An example of exception handling and dumping

Telescope Features Shown

  • Dumps
  • Exceptions

Things to note

  • You must have the Telescope dump screen open in order for it to log dumps
  • Exceptions are not logged if you throw them directly

At the end

Show schedule & do an example of a command


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