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Hosts File Resets Upon Reboot #13

stevesabatini opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Could use some help or insight, please. Love hosts.prefpane but having an issue. Each time I reboot my system it reverts my hosts file back to the original state of my hosts file at the time I first installed hosts.prefpane. I currently have v0.1.3 installed and am running Mountain Lion (10.8.2). Changes made in the pref panel and/or directly in the hosts file itself are not persisting between reboots of the system. Any help would be appreciated.



To me, this sounds like you've got other software. Installed which guards your hosts file. Could be a virus scanner or something. Or maybe your computer is managed by a sys admin that installed something to guard hosts?


Other software that can cause these symptoms is vpn software. Some vpn software adds something to your hosts file, and on shutdown it puts a backup of the file back. That means changes you made after starting the vpn will be gone, since they are not in the backup file.


Thanks for the quick reply and insight. I uninstalled the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client - something I wasn't even using anymore - and now everything is working just fine. I rebooted several times after making changes and everything stays put like it should. Much appreciated - Steve.

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