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An old world of warcraft mod to aid the vaelastrasz the corrupt fight.
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BA4Dummies manual

A helpfull assistant for the vaelastraz the corrupt fight

BA4Dummies does the following:

  • It warns you in a way that is impossible to miss, if you got Burning Adrenaline.
  • It warns the people around you, by displaying a text balloon above your head with a warning message. (for when you DC or afk)
  • It gives you a macro you can use to heal the current tank.
  • It gives you a function to register a chat channel so you see all messages from that channel very big on your screen.
  • It gives other people a way to whisper you, so you can't miss the message during a hectic fight.



This command let's you heal the current main tank, with your highest rank heal. As soon as the current tank get's BA the mod will switch healing to the next living tank from the MT list. Be sure to set the tank order properly.


This command will let you use the mod for other bosses as well. Target the boss and use this command to let healtank always heal the one heaving agro from the boss. (The mod will default back to Vael after a reload)


This command will let you register a channel to the mod and display all messages in that channel in HUGE fonts on your screen. The mod will remember the channel through sessions. To unregister a channel just type /balisten without a channel name.

Other functions.

The mod will listen to whispers and all incoming whispers in the form:

/w bigwhisper: NINERVATE ME N00B!

will display in HUGE fonts on your screen as:


So putting


in front of any whisper will make it display big on the screen of the person you are whispering, assuming he has the mod.

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