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Stresstest client in c++ for
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Stresstest client for


./ [-v] [-w seconds] 100 http(s)://host/ inputfile

-v will show you the received responses.

-w (seconds) will spawn a new process only every (seconds) seconds, instead of all at once

100 will spawn one hundred clients at once.

http(s)://host/ should be set to your server address.

inputfile should be a json list with the exact requests the browser would send to your backend:


the stresstest will execute all these requests in that order and ignore the responses, except in one special case.

Notice the %1% in the second request? That will be replaced with the sessionid returned in the first request. Modify _parse_session_id inside SocketIOHandler.cpp to parse it correctly from you login response.

You can probably make the client click through most of your site this way. Always send 0:: as the last message.


You need to have BOOST installed on your system. I included the other dependencies in the parts directory because I developed this in svn.

This software was tested on mac osx and ubuntu.

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