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# Sample Specify web asset server settings.
# Turns on debugging, module reloading and printing some
# information to console.
DEBUG = True
# This secret key is used to generate authentication tokens for requests.
# The same key must be set in the Web Store Attachment Preferences in Specify.
# A good source for key value is:
# Set KEY to None to disable security. This is NOT recommended since doing so
# will allow anyone on the internet to use the attachment server to store
# arbitrary files.
KEY = 'test_attachment_key'
# Auth token timestamp must be within this many seconds of server time
# in order to be considered valid. This prevents replay attacks.
# Set to None to disable time validation.
# Set this to True to require authentication for downloads in addition
# to uploads and deletes. Static file access, if enabled, is not
# affected by this setting.
# This is required for use with the Web Portal.
# Enables the 'getfileref' and '/static/...' URLs.
# These values are interpolated into the web_asset_store.xml resource
# so the client knows how to talk to the server.
HOST = 'localhost'
PORT = 8080
# Port the development test server should listen on.
# Map collection names to directories. Set to None to store
# everything in the same originals and thumbnail directories. This is
# recommended unless some provision is made to allow attachments for
# items scoped above collections to be found.
# 'KUFishvoucher': 'Ichthyology',
# 'KUFishtissue': 'Ichthyology',
# }
# Base directory for all attachments.
BASE_DIR = '/home/specify/attachments/'
# Originals and thumbnails are stored in separate directories.
THUMB_DIR = 'thumbnails'
ORIG_DIR = 'originals'
# Set of mime types that the server will try to thumbnail.
CAN_THUMBNAIL = {'image/jpeg', 'image/gif', 'image/png', 'image/tiff', 'application/pdf'}
# What HTTP server to use for stand-alone operation.
# SERVER = 'paste' # Requires python-paste package. Fast, and seems to work good.
SERVER = 'wsgiref' # For testing. Requires no extra packages.
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