🍕 An easy way to keep track of upcoming Meetup events
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Tired of meetups clogging up your inbox? Track and share your upcoming Meetup.com events using this command line tool.

Get it: gem install meetup-cli (might require sudo)

What can you do with it?

By default, it shows your upcoming meetups:

meetup-cli 1.0.2

What else does it do?

Show upcoming meetups you're going to:


Show upcoming meetups you're not going to:

meetup-cli notgoing

Show meetups you went to in reverse chronological order:

meetup-cli went

Show all the commands:

meetup-cli --help


This project aims to make some of Meetup API’s functionality available through an easy-to-use command line interface.

Want to help?

Contributions are welcome. Please check the issues and feel free to open a pull request.