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These are the local ebuilds I have had to create in the course of my work. As such they are typically related to science and/or imaging.


  • dev-python/gmpy
    • Python bindings for GMP library. This is a slot for gmpy2, which is not in the official Portage tree.
  • media-libs/openslide
    • C library that provides a simple interface to read whole-slide images, aka virtual slides
  • media-libs/vips
    • Image processing library especially for working with large images
  • net-misc/haguichi
    • GTK2 graphical frontend for LogMeIn Hamachi
  • net-misc/quamachi
    • Qt4 graphical frontend for LogMeIn Hamachi
  • sci-biology/structure
    • Free software package for using multi-locus genotype data to investigate population structure
  • x11-misc/virtualgl
    • Run OpenGL applications on remote display software with full 3D hardware acceleration
  • sci-visualization/teem
    • Coordinated group of libraries for representing, processing, and visualizing scientific raster data