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Data Export to Third Party File Formats

SpectraFox intends to be a middleware to publication ready output. Its functionalities aim to deal with many files in parallel, but final plotting of the data may be done in a third party program dedicated for this purpose, such as Origin or Mathematica.

These programs do not accept the measurement files with large headers as an easy drag-and-drop input. SpectraFox can export the measurement data into a format that is suited for these programs. The exported data contains also all additional data, that has been generated by SpectraFox itself, e.g. via the data treatment procedures.

You can open the export dialog by selecting files in the data browser and opening their context menu. This is possible for single and multiple files:

The export window allows you to select the folder to which the files get exported to and the format of the exported files. Some formats allow additional regional settings to be changed (e.g. comma or point as decimal separator), or the format of the exponent.

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