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Folder Browser

In this window you select you project, which contains all your measurement data.

Use the folder tree on the left (A) to select the desired data folder. After selection it will show the content of the folder in the list on the right (B). If you have a large number of files, and you only want to load a certain batch of them, then you may select these files in the list. If no selection is made, all files will be scanned for measurement data.

Click on the button located at the top of the list (C) to scan all files in the folder (or just the selected ones) and open the Data Browser.

The window menu contains the following options:

  • refresh list: Updates the file list, and scans for new files. If this does not work for you, you may also close and reopen the window.
  • folder history: Shows a selection of recently opened folders. By this you can quickly navigate between several data folders.
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