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Main Window

The narrow main window is mainly a menu-bar that consists out of the following elements:

  • File
    • Browse Folder: Reopens a closed Folder Browser, or brings the window to the front.
    • Exit: Exits SpectraFox, and closes all windows.
  • Windows: keeps track of all currently opened windows in SpectraFox
  • GPU Computing
    • Settings: Opens a window to set up the GPU preferences. Requires OpenCL or CUDA packages to be installed. This setup is recommended for some non-linear fit-models, which gain a huge performance enhancement.
  • Help
    • check for updates automatically: If checked (default), SpectraFox will check on each start if a new update is available. If so, it will show a hint in the lower right corner of the screen.
    • install only stable releases: If checked (default), only updates considered as stable will be offered for download and installation.
    • open online help in web-browser: Opens this wiki in your default web-browser.
    • about SpectraFox: Shows information about the currently installed version of SpectraFox, as well as the license agreement.
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