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Spectral Intensity Map Plotter

This is the newest feature of SpectraFox. It allows to plot the spectral intensity of arbitrarily located single spectra as a color plot on top of a single or multiple topography images. The tool can be launched from the data browser without a measurement file selection. The selection of the required files is done within the tool itself.

  • The list in (A) shows all spectroscopy files in the project folder. Select here the files of choice.
  • The list in (B) contains all topography images in the project folder. You must at least select a single file, but may select multiple files, that are combined to a single image.
  • In (C) you can select which files you want to be shown in the plot value selector in (D).
  • In (D) you select the averaging window. SpectraFox will take all spectra and calculate the average of the spectral intensity within the marked range. This intensity is then plotted as a colored circle of the diameter chosen in (J) on top of the topography image in (F).
  • With the boxes in (E) you can setup the width and the position of the averaging window manually.
  • In (G) the plotted value-range is changed.
  • The data of the current averaging window position can be exported as xyz file in (H).

The arrangement of the spectroscopy data is arbitrary. In the exemplary case above we show the intensity of spectra recorded along a line (red circle). To create full color-maps of spectral intensity the data is best recorded on a square grid.

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