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Add or Subtract Scalars or Reference Columns

SpectraFox can add or subtract scalar values to or from data columns, or add or subtract the data of a reference-column within the same file. A possible usage scenario in scanning tunneling microscopy would be to subtract a small voltage offset in the bias voltage.

On the top right corner of the window you select whether to add or subtract a constant scalar to or from the data, or to add or subtract the data of a reference column.

The settings for both cases are stored separately. So if you want to apply the procedure to multiple files simultaneously you do not have to set up each batch processing separately.

Add or Subtract Two Datasets

SpectraFox also allows to add or subtract two datasets from two different files from each other. This may be helpful to determine differences between two spectra.

To start the summation tool you have to select two spectroscopy files in the list of the data browser. Then open the menubar on top of the list, and click on the following button:

The tool that opens is divided into different areas:

  • In (A) and (B) you select the two data columns that should be summed. This can also be done in the right panel next to (C).
  • The factor with which the first data column is added to the second can be determined in (C).
  • In (D) you can check the result.
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