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Crop Spectroscopy Columns

Scanning probe spectra can be recorded by sweeping the parameter of interest forward and backward within one spectrum, e.g. the bias voltage from -1V -> +1V -> -1V. This helps to distinguish whether an asymmetry in a spectrum is caused by physical reasons, or if it is a measurement artifact. Some scanning probe microscope manufacturers do not store forward and backward data in separate column. In this case data cropping may be helpful to separate each sweep. But cropping may also be of interest in isolation of certain value ranges.

SpectraFox can crop data with respect to the measurement point number of the data. In crop-tool you can select a crop-range with the mouse by dragging a frame around the data you wish to keep. You may also enter the range manually.

If you want to remove crop-ranges once applied to several files, you have to select them in the data browser and open the menu in the top of the list.

Here, go to "persistent data storage"->"remove all crop ranges", and all selected files will show the full data-range again.

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